Hadaf Group of Colleges not only provides quality education but also lay equal emphasis on extracurricular activities. It helps students to upgrade their physical, social and intellectual abilities through different clubs and societies such as

  • Blood Donors Club: The Club, in order to help the needy, arranges blood donation camp annually which not only gives blood donation but also makes tests of diagnosing hepatitis B and C free. We truly believe that such an act is essential for kindness and humanity.
  • Civil Defense Club: The aim of such club is to equip and train students, staff and faculty with special emergencies of any form. The club engages different activities such as putting forward medical services, monitoring control room of college and relevant complementary drills.
  • Debating Club: which helps students in polishing their art declamation and also considered as healthy platform for student’s communication skills.
  • Dramatic Club: for maturing their acting skills and unleashing their talents on stage of Hadaf Group of Colleges. The club helps in improving the performance making and acting skills of the students.
  • Hadaf Chemical Club: The objective of this club is to nurture scientific skills and abilities of students particularly based on chemical sciences.
  • Hadaf Volunteer Club: It is also our key club, which has been playing a vital role in promoting awareness not only at college level but also at National Level. The club inculcates such a vision that enhances the mentality of the students and also improves the commitment level of the students. It arranges various events like Blood Donation Camps, Natural Calamity Aid Camps, Awareness Walks, Seminars of various hot issues on Character building and Ethical values, Book-Fair and Science Fairs.
  • Hiking Club: This club gives a lot weightage to hiking and trekking. While consulting the higher authorities, the club arranges trips for breaking the everyday monotony and vigorous academic routine.
  • Leaders Club: It attracts student’s interest simply by pulling off seminars, events, workshops, competitions based on personal development, entrepreneurial skills and constitutional awareness.
  • Literary Society of Pashto: The society claims to promote enthusiastic Pashto poets and writers. The willing participants find themselves engaged in writing competitions, enriching mushairas and critical debates.
  • Mathematics Society: It encourages students to involve in applications relevant to mathematics. It helps the educational set up to arrange Mathematical Contests.
  • Folk Music Society: to gear up the vocals of students and persuade them to increase their knowledge about music. The society encourages students to freely participate in different singing competitions.
  • Science Club: This club creates spirit scientific research among students. It aims to motivate the students to explore application of theoretical and practical knowledge leading to everyday life and also, to widen the scientific text of scope.
  • Shooting & Hunting Club: It exists to train students, staff and faculty for using arms in order to perform hunting. The activities declare practice of air gun and clean weapons.
  • Sports Society: Students who have a certain level of dedication to various sports can make best use of this sports society while keeping themselves motivated and physically active.
  • Writing Club: The club enables students to openly express their ideas and views in writing and give a new shape to their writing communication skills.

Hadaf Group of Colleges never leaves its students in a zone of mere boredom or monotony. Students always have something fascinating on their plate after working hard the entire day. Hadaf Group of Colleges comprises of societies and clubs which caters to every individual’s interest; some of these are academic based and others are purely made for the sake of fun and entertainment. These societies and clubs appreciate the student’s ability to practice and perform. Also, it helps in elevating one’s expression by unveiling their hidden talents.

The main purpose of such activities is to encourage indoor and outdoor activities through recreational trips, debating contests, theatrical performances, quiz programs and seminars. Other activities can’t be avoided as well for instance: cultural festivals, mushairas and religious gatherings like Mehfil-e-Milad that keeps the spirit of our religion and culture alive among its students.


Hadaf Group of Colleges not only strives for a bright future of its students but also gives them the comfort that ensures their expression of freedom. For instance, students who are passionate about sports and other gifted talents get the opportunity to pursue it without any obstacle. For keeping the students motivated, we offer a sports complex built on international standards. All the sports related activities are conducted in the modern sports complex where students can freely play their favorite sport. This also helps in grooming the talent of the students which further, benefits him or her to play on national or international level. Well-equipped gymnasium and captivating swimming pool are also a part of the game.