Hadaf Group of Colleges has the best of educational experts on its platform. The team engaged for nurturing the individuals is well trained and qualified. They hold the ideal potential to execute, deliver and supervise educational programs and its features. Our faculty is fully dedicated and committed to impart knowledge to its students and provides a hands-on learning experience.

  • Purpose-Built Campuses
  • Separate Campuses for Boys & Girls
  • Expert Faculty
  • Air-Conditioned Classrooms & Generator Facility
  • Transport Facility
  • Hostel Facility
  • Computer Labs
  • Modern Science Laboratories
  • Well Stocked Libraries
  • Free Extra Coaching
  • Student Counseling Service
  • Parent Teacher Interaction
  • Parent Teacher Correspondence


All Evening Programmes available at Hadaf Group of Colleges are offered to students in evening hours at 50% discounted fee. This opportunity is put forward to fill students with quality education without any financial constraint. Furthermore, scholarship opportunities mentioned above are equally applicable to the evening programmes as well. This makes a student’s life comfortable and less complicated.


Striving for an ideal future of its students, Hadaf Group of Colleges gives access to world class education for the learning fanatics. The main objective was to make leaning handy and at your fingertips. The introduction of E-Learning portal & E-Learning app, Hadaf Group of Colleges has enhanced the quality of education making it way more appealing and comprehensive. The portal and app, strikingly, reveals the opportunity of learning by being a part of a virtual and technological world. Learning through the app is easier and definitely, more engrossing. The app’s design deals with apt information and useful course material that fastens your learning.

As the emergence of technological methods takes the interned by storm, we cannot get away with the fact that involves the power of contemporary learning. Indeed, previous methods have become obsolete and less captivating; therefore, new addition makes a significant change in the world of learning. Hadaf app has made learning exceptionally simple while putting forward remedies to all your problems. There are some worth utilizing features installed in the app for your benefit and ease.

Hadaf Group of Colleges delivers the predominant features for increasing learning experience of its students:

  • MCQs:
    A whole lot of relevant MCQs are embedded in the app which is extremely beneficial for practice and exam preparation. Exposing yourself on this feature will make your learning simpler while showing great change in your performance.
  • Online Video Lectures:
    The feature permits the user to enhance their skills and intellect by thoroughly going through Online Video Lectures.
  • Short Questions & Answers:
    Students can also go through short questions and answers that are retrieved directly from the syllabus for preparing and reviewing while staying in your comfort zone.
  • Past Papers:
    The app allows it’s user to conveniently prepare for their exams by viewing past papers of previous 5 years. The feature of past papers is applicable to all ten intermediate boards for rapid learning.

The app fills you with an edge of excellent learning and sharing of knowledge. This, in turn, produces remarkable results. Indeed, the wonderful technological inception is a “A Better Solution Than Tuition.”


Shaping the minds of individuals and giving them the advantage of learning, Hadaf Group of Colleges has an innovation entitled as “E-Learning Portal.” This portal makes life of a student simpler with providing just click away information. Style of learning has been accelerated and made extremely convenient as you can study from the portal which is available on desktop, laptop and notebooks. You need not to step out of your comfort zone while exploring that learning the E-Learning portal has become truly exciting. Emphatically, there are certain captivating features that will never let your passion for studies diminish and provides you with all the necessary information that your require. The features include:

  • MCQs
  • Online Video Lectures
  • Short Questions and Answers
  • Past Papers

E-Learning portal gets your studies covered without letting any hindrance hit your academic life.