BS Computer Science is a 4-year, 8-semester program that aims at developing strong programming and computing skills with a special focus on mathematics. The program has been designed keeping in view the requirements of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and provides you with a strong foundation in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Information Security, Software Engineering, and Mobile Applications Development.

Group projects and hands-on assignments foster your problem-solving and technical skills. Likewise, academic and industry case studies help you to apply learnings to real-world problems. You’ll also master other topics such as Geographical Information Systems, Applied Image Processing, and Technical and Scientific Writing. Here at Hadaf Colleges, we use interactive, creative, and 21-st century teaching approaches to provide you with top-notch learning experiences.

With our well-constructed BS Computer Science degree program, you’ll be able to:

  • Compete and secure jobs in cutting-edge and ever-evolving tech sectors as a programmer, artificial intelligence expert, software developer, mobile app developer, and data scientist.
  • Design, develop, and maintain top-notch software to cater to the complex demands of 21st-century markets.
  • Develop creative and innovative approaches to problem-solving.
  • And work independently and confidently.


Intermediate or equivalent with at least 45% marks


Semester I
CS3101 Fundamentals of Computers 3(2+1)
CS3102 Calculus and Analytical Geometry 3(3+0)
CS3103 Probability and Statistics 3(3+0)
CS3104 Functional English 3(3+0)
CS3105 Programming Fundamentals 4(3+1)
Total Credit Hours 16
Semester II
CS3201 Multivariate Calculus 3(3+0)
CS3202 Discrete Structures 3(3+0)
CS3203 Pakistan Studies/ Islamic Studies 3(3+0)
CS3204 Object Oriented Programming 4(3+1)
CS3205 Digital Logic Design 3(2+1)
Total Credit Hours 16
Semester III
MATH432 Computation in MATLAB 3(2+1)
CS4301 Data Structures and Algorithms 4(3+1)
CS4302 Communication Skills 3(3+0)
CS4303 Data Communication 3(3+0)
CS4304 Linear Algebra 3(3+0)
CS4305 Artificial Intelligence 3(3+0)
Total Credit Hours 19
Semester IV
CS4401 Database Systems 4(3+1)
CS4402 Operating Systems 4(3+1)
CS4403 Computer Networks 3(3+0)
CS4404 Theory of Automata 3(3+0)
CS4405 Web Technologies 4(3+1)
Total Credit Hours 18
Semester V
CS5501 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3(3+0)
CS5502 Object Oriented Analysis and Design 3(2+1)
CS5503 Advanced Programming 4(3+1)
CS5504 Information Security 3(3+0)
BES-475 Geographic Information System 3(3+0)
Total Credit Hours 16
Semester VI
CS5601 Computer Organization and Architecture 4(4+0)
CS5602 Software Engineering 3(3+0)
CS5603 Mobile Applications Development 4(3+1)
CS5604 Human Computer Interaction 3(3+0)
CS5605 Applied Image Processing 3(2+1)
Total Credit Hours 17
Semester VII
CS6701 Technical and Scientific Writing 3(3+0)
CS6702 FYP – I 3(0+3)
BA565 Entrepreneurship 3(3+0)
CS67XX Specialization Elective – I 3(3+0)
CS67XX Specialization Elective – II 3(3+0)
Total Credit Hours 15
Semester VIII
CS6801 Natural Language Processing 3(3+0)
CS6802 Professional Practices 3(3+0)
CS6803 FYP – II 3(0+3)
CS68XX Specialization Elective – III 3(3+0)
CS68XX Specialization Elective – IV 3(3+0)
Total Credit Hours 15
Total Credit Hours = 132


– Merit Scholarship for High Achievers
– Concession for Old Students
– Kinship Concession
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