Purpose-Built Campuses

Hadaf Group of Colleges offers finest purpose-built campuses which serve as the heart of education. It boats facilities that caters to each and every aspect of the campuses.

Separate Campuses for Boys & Girls

Hadaf Group of Colleges offers separate campuses for both boys and girls. By offering separate campuses and secure environment, we stay adamant in making students and their parents free from all the worries.

Expert Faculty

Hadaf Group of Colleges has the best of educational experts on its educational platform. The team engaged for nurturing the individuals is well trained and qualified. They hold the ideal potential to execute, deliver and supervise educational programs and its features. The faculty is fully dedicated and committed to impart knowledge to its students and provides a hands-on learning experience.

Air-Conditioned Classrooms & Generator Facility

Keeping in mind the climatic conditions & load shedding in the country, Hadaf Group of Colleges facilitates its students with Air-Conditioned Classrooms, Libraries and Labs. Furthermore, Generator Facility will also be available for backup.

Transport Facility

In order to reach the campuses, Hadaf Group of Colleges have made travelling feasible for all the students by offering Transport Facilities (Buses, Coasters) at economical cost within city and outstation both.

Hostel Facility

For students who live outstation, Hadaf Group of Colleges makes sure that the students live comfortably in the hostels surrounding college premises. At a stone throw distance, students will live in a secure environment while giving parents and guardians complete surety on the child’s wellbeing.

Computer Labs

Hadaf Group of Colleges serves its students with the best facilities of latest technologies. These innovations make the computer labs well-equipped and just by entering the room, student feel empowered and gains the passion to learn.

Modern Science Laboratories

Science laboratories at Hadaf Group of Colleges present an ideal stage for learning groundbreaking science to engross students actively. Biology, Chemistry and Physics labs are functional in a way that students enjoy practical learning with latest tools and equipments.

Well Stocked Libraries

Hadaf Group of Colleges has maintained libraries which are well furnished and equipped with books of every subject and topic. Looking into the requirement of our students, we made sure that a knowledge sharing place should be worth visiting and favorite for all.

Free Extra Coaching

Hadaf Group of Colleges offers free coaching classes to its intermediate students after college hours so that they can improve on their weak areas without any financial burden on their parents’ pockets.

Student Counseling Service

Student life can be rewarding and stimulating but can also have its share of stress. Students who are preoccupied with personal worries may find it hard to concentrate on their studies, they may feel isolated or deserted. The counseling services offer support and constructive help in case of any problem. The trained and experienced counseling staff is always ready to help students.

Parent Teacher Interaction

Hadaf Group of Colleges truly believes in a strong relationship between parents and teachers. Parents should be kept up to date with the performance of their children and it is the teacher’s responsibility to have a monthly discussion which is fruitful for the individual. Therefore, Hadaf Group of Colleges encourages a healthy interaction between the parent and teacher.

Parent Teacher Correspondence

The gap between parent and teacher must be minimized. Therefore, Hadaf Group of Colleges makes the best effort by putting a close correspondence between teachers and parents. In order to keep parents posted about their child’s performances, news & updates, different sources of communication are made operative such as:

  1. SMS/WhatsApp
  2. Phone Calls/Helplines
  3. Post Mails
  4. Emails
  5. Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)