With the aim to make quality education accessible for all, Hadaf Group of Colleges is facilitating students with extensive scholarship program. On one hand this program is to make education affordable and on other hand these scholarships are to eulogize the hard work and efforts of students. Scholarships and financial aid offered by Hadaf Group of Colleges are vital for students to achieve their academic goals and become a contributing member of society.

Merit Scholarship:

Merit Scholarships are to eulogize the tireless efforts of hardworking students. Through this scholarship, high achievers can meet their academic goals and can avail 100 % fee waiver.

Need Based Scholarship:

Need based scholarship by Hadaf Group of Colleges is to facilitate students for whom cost of getting education is daunting. This scholarship program helps students to bridge the gap between education cost and their affordability.

Fee Concession on Kinship Basis:

Hadaf Group of Colleges also offers scholarship or fee concession on kinship basis. This scholarship is for brother and sister of old and current students, who also wants to join Hadaf Group of Colleges.

Financial Aid for Orphans:

Understanding the financial crunch on the demise of father of student, Hadaf Group of Colleges offers special Orphan Scholarship. This scholarship helps students to finance their education during this hour of need.

Fee Concession for Differently Abled students:

Harnessing inclusiveness and motivating differently abled students, Hadaf Group of Colleges also offers fee concession for differently abled students. This helps them to meet their educational needs and contribute towards the society.

Hadaf Scholarship:

Old students or alumni of Hadaf Group of Colleges are entitled to avail this great scholarship on getting admission at one of the best universities of the largest educational network; Mohammad Ali Jinnah University – Karachi, University of Central Punjab – Lahore, and Capital University of Science & Technology – Islamabad.

Fee Concession for Teacher’s Children:

Appreciating the contribution of teachers in our society, Hadal Group of Colleges offer special scholarship for teacher’s children. This helps teachers to give high-quality education to their children as well. Teachers from public sector and teachers from known private institutions can avail this scholarship for their children.

Sports Based Scholarship:

Invigorating the strong sports culture among the students of Hadaf Group of Colleges, the group also welcome students on sports basis. Students who possess a strong athletic background and interest are encouraged to apply for sports-based scholarship.

Co-curricular Based Scholarship:

Focusing on overall wellbeing of students, Hadaf Group of Colleges are not just delivering quality education to students but also encourage them to participate in extracurricular activities. The group also provides scholarship on this basis. Students with extraordinary interest and ability in co-curricular activities are entitled to avail this scholarship.

Special Circumstance Financial Scholarship:

Understanding this harsh reality of life that tragedies can happen anytime, Hadaf Group of Colleges doesn’t leave their students alone in the hour of need. For natural catastrophes like the floods, earthquakes etc. the group has special circumstance financial scholarship. This financial scholarship helps students to continue their studies during hard times.

The Punjab Group Scholarship:

Students who have completed their Matriculation from the other institutions of the group; Allied Schools and EFA Schools are eligible to avail The Punjab Group Scholarship while getting admission at Hadaf Group of Colleges.