The Group is offering Scholarships of worth PKR 3.2 billion in year 2018

Punjab Group of Colleges has the legacy of promoting education and offering educational services to the youth of Pakistan. Hadaf Group of Colleges is also inclined in making education accessible to every individual and it aims at expanding literacy rate of Pakistan. Thus, it carries on the same values of the network while acknowledging the needs of its students. Therefore, the college offers scholarships and financial aid so that students achieve their goals without going through any financial pressure or hindrance;

Merit Scholarship

Hadaf Group of Colleges offers an exclusive scholarship to those students who perform brilliantly in their academics. The highly intelligent students are allowed to avail up to 100% fee waiver. Students with 87% Plus marks are eligible to apply for free education at the time of admission.

Need Based Scholarship

Keeping in mind the financial strength of students and their families, Hadaf Group of Colleges puts forward scholarships for those who are not financially strong. Such students get a chance to gain quality education without burdening their families.

Fee Concession on Kinship Basis

Hadaf Group of Colleges looks after the family of its students as well. Siblings of old or currently enrolled students are offered a discount for their education.

Financial Aid for Orphans

Orphans are exposed to this type of scholarship at Hadaf Group of Colleges. Children who went through the misery of losing their father can apply for such kind of financial assistance.

Fee Concession for Disable students

If a student suffers from any disability, he or she is made applicable to use special fee concessions without any hindrance.

Hadaf Scholarship

Old students or alumni of Hadaf Group of Colleges can avail this exceptional scholarship on getting admission at one of the best universities of the largest educational network; Mohammad Ali Jinnah University – Karachi, University of Central Punjab – Lahore, and Capital University of Science & Technology – Islamabad.

Fee Concession for teacher’s children

Hadaf Group of Colleges holds the capacity to facilitate “Teachers” by ensuring that their children can avail high quality education. Children of Teachers at Public Sector and Known Private Institutes are eligible for this concession.

Sports Based Scholarship

Students who hold an exceptional talent and achievement in sports can easily apply for sports based scholarship. They only have to show their talent during trials, their performance certificates and then avail what is meant to be for them.

Co-curricular Based Scholarship

Hadaf Group of Colleges promotes and nurtures talents of students by giving them opportunities that act as a backbone to their educational world. Students who take part in co-curricular activities and display their worth highlighting skills in various events, competitions and activities can conveniently apply for scholarships.

Special Circumstance Financial Scholarship

Taking the natural catastrophes into consideration, Hadaf Group of Colleges delivers a special scholarship opportunity for its students to avail. For instance, if a student goes through the trauma of losing his or her guardian during the course of education, then, the individual is allowed to get this financial scholarship.

The Punjab Group Scholarship

Students who have completed their Matriculation/O-levels from an institution associated with the largest educational network are entitled to this type of Scholarship. All students of Allied Schools, EFA Schools and Resource Academia Schools are eligible for this scholarship.