Our BS English program advances your powers of engagement and brings rigor to your thinking with literature and linguistics. From contemporary drama to medieval poetry, from psycholinguistics to Elizabethan drama, and from the post-Shakesperian era to American Literature and Forensic Linguistics, our 4-year program offers an opportunity to explore multiple literary domains while equipping you with the tools required to become a discerning and original critic of literature and broader world issues.

The curriculum fosters skills such as critical thinking, research, and expression. During the course of 8 semesters, we help graduates develop communication and analytical skills as well, making them extremely desirable for employers across a wide array of sectors. Our highly-qualified faculty uses interactive teaching methodologies so that you can benefit from individual attention. Likewise, teachers will asses your performance through a combination of written examinations and coursework.

With our well-constructed BS English degree program, you’ll be able to:

  • Get a headstart in the graduate market.
  • Develop and foster in-demand employability skills with a placement in relevant industries like journalism, publishing, marketing, teaching, and art.
  • Write professionally, analytically, and creatively in a range of genres.
  • Get knowledge that will empower you to make a meaningful impact in an ever-changing world.


Intermediate or equivalent with at least 45% marks; preference will be given to students who have studied English Advanced in their Intermediate

BS (English) ROADMAP

Semester I
PST-101Pakistan Studies02
General Course03
General Course03
ENG-105Introduction to Literature-I03
ENG-106Introduction to Linguistics

(Note: List of General Courses is given below)
Total Credit Hours17
Semester II
ISL-101Islamic Studies02
General Course03
General Course03
ENG-107History of English Literature-I03
ENG-108Phonetics and Phonology03
Total Credit Hours17
Semester III
CS-101Fundamentals of Computers03
General Course03
General Course03
ENG-109Introduction to Literature-II03
ENG-110Morphology and Syntax03
Total Credit Hours18
Semester IV
LAW-114Human Rights and Citizenship03
General Course03
General Course03
ENG-111History of English Literature-II03
Total Credit Hours18
Semester V
ENG-301Literary Criticism03
ENG-302The Pre-Romantic Experience03
ENG-303The Novel: Birth and Rise03
ENG-304Schools of Thought in Linguistics03
Total Credit Hours18
Semester VI
ENG-307Literary Criticism and Theory03
ENG-308The Elizabethan Drama03
ENG-309The Romantic Experience03
Total Credit Hours18
Semester VII (Literature)
ENG-313The Victorians and the Moderns03
ENG-314The Novel: Growth and Development03
ENG-315Shakespeare Studies03
ENG-316American Literature03
ENG-317Pakistani Literature in English03
Total Credit Hours15
Semester VII (Linguistics)
ENG-318Discourse Analysis03
ENG-320Second Language Acquisition03
ENG-321Historical Linguistics03
ENG-322Media Discourse Analysis03
Total Credit Hours15
Semester VIII (Literature)
ENG-323Post-Shakespeare Dramatic Experience03
ENG-324The American Experience03
ENG-325Women Writers in the 20th and 21st Century03
ENG-326World Literature in English03
ENG-449Research Report03
Total Credit Hours15
Semester VIII (Linguistics)
ENG-327Forensic Linguistics03
ENG-328Language, Culture, and Identity03
ENG-329Language and Gender03
ENG-330World Englishes03
ENG-499Research Report03
Total Credit Hours15
List of areas from which general courses will be chosen.
1. Introduction to AnthropologyARCH-107
2. Introduction to Gender StudiesGS-101
3. International RelationsIR-101
4. Introduction to LawLAW-101
5. Mass CommunicationJMC-101
6. PhilosophyPHIL-101
7. Introduction to Political Science -IPSC-101
8. PsychologyPSY-101
9. Introduction to Social WorkSW-101
10. SociologySOC-101
11. Introduction to StatisticsSTAT-102
Any Other


– Merit Scholarship for High Achievers
– Concession for Old Students
– Kinship Concession
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