Since the start of the world education has been important for the human race. Early man experimented on various things around him so that he could hunt, cook, make and build according to his needs and later gave the same education to his children so they could follow in the same footsteps. Education in the vast term is the process of acquiring knowledge and learning skills. In its true context, education is the enlightenment of mind and illumination of the soul. Being educated is not only being able to read and write but it is the way of life in which a person is able to differentiate between vice and virtue. Education polishes the inner potential of a person forming him/her into a better human being. Human beings are educated at every step of the life, learning never ends, but when we talk about formal education the schools provide step by step knowledge divided into various stages which may fit a certain age group, preparing the student to be able to live in the world.

However the question here arises that does current education system really promise the best of life and success in a student’s future life? Is education free for all so every child in the world can benefit from it? Does education polish a student enough to be able to prosper in the selected field? As we inspect around us there are many educated people who have net been very successful financially, or have not been able to grab the right job that they had studied for. Many graduated struggle all their lives for the salary to meet their needs or the position that they deserve. On the contrary there are many people with lower educational qualifications but way ahead in earning and designations than this educated lot.

In our system, the problem is that most of the people lack the understanding of the importance and objectives of education. The common opinion of people is that they should be educated to earn money, most of which believe that higher educational degrees guarantee higher financial structure. The core idea of the educational system has been missed out altogether. In most parts of the world the problem of unemployment exists with the fact that education is available for all. Problem being that education doesn’t instill the skill and knowledge of earning money. The anticipated influence and essence of knowledge is absent in today’s society.

Along with all the other factors there are many challenges and problems within the educational systems as well, some for the system and some for the students. It is important for the managements, teachers, students and the parents to know how to over comes these problems and relieve the students of the educational stress imparted in their lives.

Challenges in Education

There is a competition of grades in the general school environment. Students desire top grades and most of them actually work hard to achieve them. In the race of grades most of the students forget the real meaning of education. The struggle to be ahead of everyone loses from the yearning of being a better human. At schools, students are overloaded with books, assignment and projects in which sometimes the thrill and excitement of the childhood is lost. Also students become anxiety ridden which keeps them from achieving the real essence of education.

Education Problems

Speaking of our country alone for now, Pakistan is facing multiple problems out of which one with the high severity is the educational system. There is not a set standard of education for all, rather elite class schools provide education meeting the international goals and levels whereas the public school keep their students on cramming course books and practical implementation of what is studied is missing. Moreover the whole country still doesn’t follow the same medium of education, most of the schools still teach whole courses Urdu whereas when children grow up and start working, they face a major problem of communication and using English in all documentations. This difference is dividing the whole educational system in 2 parts. Furthermore not to forget the charges of the schools which most of the families are unable to meet, since good education is very expensive while speaking of the elementary level. The basic necessity of a child is not met when his parents are not able to provide schools with high fee. The gender discrimination is also a dire problem in our country where in remote areas education for girls is still considered a taboo.

Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education is now considered one of the most important milestones in a child’s life. The preschool education is considered important for the development of a child’s brain. It also helps the children in learning to socialize and get familiarized with books and keeping their things in order. Early childhood education also enable children to develop language abilities and gain knowledge. It boosts their thinking and reasoning skills. At this level schools focus on the fine motor skills of the children so those that are slow learners at home learn quickly while sitting in the company of peers. In our educational system unfortunately the need for the mental and physical development of the children is overlooked and even at this level they are expected to be able to read and write in a pressurized environment. There are only a few institutes that encourage early childhood education in a systematic form.

Dealing with Personal Challenges

Students in their school years face many personal challenges in education which they have to deal with in order to excel in their education, grades and later on in their careers. The personal challenges may be of many kinds out of which time management, making friends, overcoming distractions and bullying are the top most. Students usually are loaded with assignments and projects due to which they hardly get time for recreation which is important to freshen up their minds. At schools and colleges some students find it difficult to make new friends or have good friendships with the ones they have, these students have to learn to socialize and overcome their non-friendly nature in order to mix up with the other students. This may also help them to have assistance in their assignments as well. Distractions like bunking lectures, spending extra time at the cafeteria are common. Bullying is also an issue of many students. The institutes have to make sure to help children overcome these issues by devising ways and programs to help them.

Stress Management

Today’s students are much more stressed than it used to be in the past. There are loads of homework to complete and projects to do. Moreover the peer pressure, bullying, being left behind, competition and many more, they all effect the general personality of the students making their lives stressful. The institutes and parents both have to make sure to help these students overcome stress.

Overcoming Challenges

Speaking of the problems, issues and challenges in the current educational systems, it is important to make sure that students overcome their challenges and march forward towards a bright future. Institutes, teacher and parents all together can create an environment for the students that they are able to learn the most in an educating surrounding. The children can also help themselves by making the right choices giving their best time to their academics, warding away the distractions and taking the most out of the time provided to them for their education.


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