Education in scientific terms works as a catalyst in a persons’ life equipping them with knowledge, information, intellect and good morals to achieve great goals.

In our country parents aspire that their children become either doctors or engineers, every Pakistani child grows up with a dream of only these two professions. Undoubtedly doctors and engineers are much respected in every society but it doesn’t mean that people of only these two professions will be regarded and be able to earn good amount of money. There are many other fields in which children can excel.

Aft`er the completion of matriculation children start college which begins with a two years program of FSc/FA. FA is the study of general sciences and FSc offers two separate programs which include sciences with Biology which is pre-medical and sciences with Mathematics which is pre-engineering. To much of the horror of every child, every parent’s dream is a doctor or an engineer in the family. Due to which the most popular subjects a matriculate can opt for is either biology or mathematics which are pre-requisites for medical college or engineering university. Whereas that is not the case every time, children are made to think that they study sciences for only two career paths but studying sciences also open door to many other studies and professions which are not considered or may not even be popularly known. Much to the surprise of many, these a bit unknown careers are quite interesting and also a good source of income.

Pre-engineering is a two years program that provides a foundation for the higher studies in the engineering field. It is important for those who want to pursue their careers in the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry and related other subjects. It will also help you with finding out whether any of the mentioned subjects is for you or not, it will assist you to choose your career wisely. You can put right effort on the right subject being sure of the major that you want to settle on. FSc pre-engineering is beneficial for students giving them exposure to basics of the scientific field so that they can choose and join various types of engineering courses.

To earn a pre-engineering degree you have to have a mind for mathematics and quantitative reasoning. An aptitude for sciences along with liking for mathematics is required to do good and achieve your pre-engineering degree which will later lead you to a professional engineering college. A pre-engineering degree is a pre-requisite and preparation for the prospective engineering that you aspire.

Pre-engineering courses

Engineering offers multiple types of engineering courses including the traditional and with advancements in technology some new ones. After earning two years of pre-engineering degree you can study different types of engineering courses. Here is brief engineering courses list along with what you can learn after studying these courses. After completing the mentioned pre-engineering courses, you are equipped to work in the fields of electronics and mechanisms of various types of machineries. Read through this list so that you can have a fair idea of what prospects lie in the below mentioned fields.

  • Aeronautical and space engineering enables you to work in the aerodynamics and construction and designing of aircrafts.
  • Architectural engineer designs buildings taking care of the structure and electrical/mechanical assembly.
  • Telecom engineer connects the world by designing better systems of communication specially in the modern world when the communication media is fast their excellence is much required
  • Chemical and environmental engineers work towards the betterment, uplifting and restoration of the environment and the health of the earth
  • Meteorological engineer works for satellites and weather forecasts and investigate atmospheric phenomena

There are other engineering courses which can be done after completing your pre-engineering which include:

  • Bioengineering is the study of biological and medical problems
  • Chemical Engineering involves the research and study of chemicals in various disciplines
  • Civil Engineering deals with design and construction of roads, bridges, railways, airports etc.
  • Ecological Engineering involves the study and design of ecosystem for the benefit of all living things
  • Electrical& Computer Engineering electrical engineering involves the study of electronics and computer systems

First year engineering

Start of college life is normally the start of freedom for many students, since in schools the limitations of sitting whole day in one room for all the classes and being restricted for every action and work is so much different from the fresh and new college life. Many students get overwhelmed by the freedom and forget the purpose they are here for; first year engineering is a very important time because during this short period the teachers are forming the base of the students to choose their line wisely, and start working over the important oncoming professional studies that they will be starting within no time. During this first year engineering you must develop the analytical approach and be able to solve mathematical problems so that you have a strong grip over the pre-engineering programs and do not pause at any step of your engineering program.

The engineering subjects that are required for you to be good in you pre-engineering program are:

  • Algebra II
  • Calculus
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science

Pre engineering entry test preparation

For admission in engineering college you have to clear ECAT. Students are assessed on the basis of this exam which is very important for the admission in all reputed engineering colleges. Pre engineering entry test is for the students who score 60% and above in their matriculation and intermediate examinations. The good news is that our institute provides the best of coaching and guidance so that the students can attain the required scores and also who dream to become engineers are guided for the pre engineering entry test preparation. We ensure our students of excellent test preparation so that they are confident while taking test and are sure of their future endeavors.

Pre engineering careers

Pre engineering offers respectable careers, you can start teaching elementary school. With your good mathematics you can become sales manager and if you are a possessor of analytical skills you can also be a helper in business development. If you have a good command on physics you can also become a physics teacher. Pre engineering equips you with skill to begin working in any field and with little effort you can experience professionalism right after your pre engineering exam.

Pre engineering degree salary

After a pre engineering degree if you work as sales engineer or manager or an elementary school teacher you can earn a salary starting from 10K to 30K.

Pre engineering jobs in Pakistan

After your pre engineering exam many opportunities of work lie in front of you. Starting from a teaching job, work at sales sector and small jobs in accounts can be taken up by pre engineering students. Due to basic studies of the sciences pre engineering students can also work as assistants in chemistry/physics labs.

Finally! No matter what field you acquire to master, education always pays back. It doesn’t only help develop your mind but also a better personality. Education changes your way of thinking.  So, don’t cease to study and excel in whatever you do.


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