Before going into the details about the best colleges in Peshawar, it is a key element to note why should we need to bother about the best college near our living area? Evidently, career-building is very crucial and our educational institutes are backbones in it.

If you are living in Peshawar and you want to get admission in any of the best inter colleges Peshawar then you are going to get details within a few minutes. So, read each of our lines very prudently as it is a matter of your future. It is a matter of your education’s standard.

Similarly, you can go through our full post if you are looking for the best graduate college in Peshawar.

Peshawar has an old history of culture and Islamic tenets in Pakistan. It gave history-making personalities to Pakistan. Some of them are:

  1. Shahid Khan Afridi
  2. Reman Baba (a Pashto poet)
  3. Patras Bukhari ( a famous Urdu humourist)
  4. Umar Gul
  5. Raj Kapoor
  6. Jahangir Khan
  7. Dilip Kumar
  8. General Yahya Khan (former President & renowned Commander in Chief in Pakistan Army) etc.

Can you Name one college at the top of the list?

Intellectuals’ early education was also from this city. It shows the great level and standard of education in Peshawar. Hadaf Group of colleges would get the best rating whenever you debate about the best college in Peshawar. It has numerous solid reasons and proven records of educational distinction.

The Legacy Lure:

If you want to get your own exemplary status, then follow the preferences of your seniors. Your parents or the above mentioned great personalities preferred to get themselves educated with the local colleges in Peshawar. Hadaf Group of colleges deployed the best faculty members in their education system. That’s why whenever you wait for final results then you can expect top positions from the students studying in Punjab Group of Colleges. This is the class or level which is ideal for:

  1. young leaders
  2. future scientists
  3. entrepreneurs etc.

Does the college Specialize in Current Major?

Please also note that a college is a significant place because you choose an institute that seems fit for your career path or offers specific major as per your passion and current major. What has been the scores and performance of the chosen college in specialized subjects? What has been the standing of your selected college?  These are decisive points to know before getting admission.

Rankings can help you compare the best colleges:

It is indeed the best factor to rate the credibility of any college. For example, you are a student who is living in Peshawar and you want to compare the colleges. What can be the best measure in this matter?

Ok, our respectable readers, don’t be confused. Let us help you with a very easy method:

  • First, just look at the group behind the college setup.
  • Hadaf Group of colleges is an esteemed educational body that is controlled and managed by Punjab Group of Colleges.
  • PGC holds several top positions from almost all boards of education because of its proficient educational system.
  • This group started working from Lahore in 1985 and after that everyone witnessed it as the largest educational network in all over Pakistan.
  • This network is Parents’ and students’ no.1 choice because testing may be suitable for dresses or foods but we cannot afford testing new or unknown educational bodies for our future.


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