Scholarships for students in KPK

Scholarships play a vital role in the carrier success of students. It is not merely a source to meet educational expenses but also a great mechanism to appreciate the hard work of students and motivate them towards their career goals. Students who don’t want to lose out on scholarship opportunities must be aware of the importance of applying for the right scholarship at the right time. There are multiple types of scholarship; few scholarships are need-based and few are merit-based. Following are few scholarship programs for students of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa that lead them towards a promising future.

Scholarships by Hadaf Colleges Peshawar

Hadaf colleges Peshwar, a project by the largest educational network of Pakistan; Punjab Group of Colleges is empowering the students by delivering quality education. Following the legacy of Punjab Group of Colleges Scholarships for students in KPK, Hadaf Group of Colleges also offers multiple types of scholarship and making education accessible for all. Below mentioned are multiple types of scholarship offered by Hadaf Colleges Peshawar.

Scholarships for students in KPK

Merit Based Scholarship

Hadaf Colleges Peshawar offers merit-based scholarships for students. This merit-based scholarship by Hadaf Colleges Peshawar is to appreciate the hard work and zeal of hard-working students.

Need Based Scholarship

Understanding the importance of education, Hadaf Colleges Peshawar is playing a huge part to make education accessible for all. Need-based scholarship by Hadaf Colleges Peshawar is for those students who couldn’t fulfill their dream of getting education due to financial constraints. This need-based scholarship is the ray of hope for many students.

Sports Scholarships

It is rightly said, a healthy body possesses a healthy mind. Focusing on the overall wellbeing of students, Hadaf Colleges Peshawar promotes sports and other co-curricular activities at the camps. Hadaf Colleges Peshawar also offers scholarships to those students who possess a keen interest in sports. Students with great inter in co-curricular activities and sports can avail of this scholarship while applying for this college.

Co-curricular Activities Scholarship

Focusing on the overall wellbeing of students, Hadaf colleges Peshawar also offers Co-curricular activities scholarship. This scholarship allows students to become part of this institute on the bases of co-curricular activities.

Kinship Scholarship

Another type of scholarship available at Hadaf Colleges Peshawar is Kinship Scholarship. This scholarship benefits the family of already enrolled students at Hadaf College. Siblings of students getting an education at Hdaf colleges Peshawar can avail of this scholarship while getting admission to Hadaf Colleges.

Scholarship for Orphans

This scholarship helps students to continue their studies in unwanted circumstances. Hadaf College gives special financial assistance to students who are orphans. Hadaf Colleges support its students and don’t leave them during hours of need. In case of parent/guardian’s demise, free education will be provided as per education insurance and lead students towards a better life.

Scholarship for Disable Students

Hadaf College firmly believes that there is no such disability that sabotages your path towards success in life. People are not disabled but specially-abled and they possess the full potential to outshine in the practical world. To help such students Hadaf College Peshawar offers Scholarships for diable students as well. This scholarship helps them to achieve academic success and play their part towards the development of society.

Fee concession for FATA students

The provision of quality education is the foremost aim of Hadaf Colleges Peshawar. To motivate the students from remote areas to get an education, Hadaf College Peshawar offers special fee concession for FATA students. this great initiative is to appreciate students who come from FATA and meet their educational needs at Hadaf Colleges Peshawar. Hadaf Colleges aimed at making education accessible to all.

Fee concession for Allied & EFA Schools Alumni

Hadaf College Peshawar offers this scholarship to students who completed their previous education at Allied or EFA Schools. This Alumni scholarship helps them to achieve a special fee waiver while getting admission to Hadaf College Peshawar.

Fee concession for Hadaf Alumni at UCP, CUST and MAJU

Hadaf Colleges Peshawar not only welcomes students by providing them financial assistance through multiple scholarship programs but also helps students who leave the institution for further studies. This scholarship is for alumni of Hadaf Colleges Peshawar who pursue their further education at the University of Central Punjab (UCP), Capital University of Science and Technology (CUST) and Muhammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU).

Fee Concession for teacher’s children

To appreciate the efforts of teachers and their role in nation-building, Hadaf College Peshawar offers a special scholarship for teachers’ children. This scholarship helps their children to get a quality education. Children of teachers who are getting an education from Public Sector institutes and Private Sector institutes can avail of this scholarship.

Other Scholarships for students in KPK

Students in KPK now have multiple opportunities to avail of intermediate scholarships and make their way towards their desired college/program. KPK scholarships 2019 come in various forms and are offered by several authorities to the students who are seeking admission in an intermediate level of study. The types of scholarships being offered in KPK include Pakistan Science Foundation Scholarship STFS, Dalda Foundation Scholarship, LUMS NOP Scholarship, PEEF Special Quota Educational Scholarships, Alfalah Scholarship Scheme, PEEF Outreach Scholarships, PEEF Special Quota Scholarship, Merit-Based Scholarships, KPK Government Scholarship, and Private Colleges Scholarships in Peshawar. Eligible students can now apply and avail the most appropriate KPK scholarship to get themselves enrolled in intermediate colleges and pursue their career paths.

Pakistan Science Foundation Scholarship

Under the Pakistan Science Foundation Scholarship STFS, 2020 300 scholarships are being offered to students in KPK. These KPK scholarships have been announced by the Science Talent Farming Scheme 2020. Students qualifying the said scholarship will receive a monthly stipend worth PKR 10,000/-. This scholarship is a great chance for talented and promising KPK students to benefit from. Apart from the stipend, free tablets and internet facilities will also be provided to the students by Pakistan Science Foundation Scholarship STFS 2020. This scholarship is for Science specialist students who wish to pursue a career in science and technology.

Dalda Foundation Scheme

Dalda Foundation Scheme is another KPK scholarship option for the students opting for intermediate studies in Peshawar. It is a scholarship program designed to provide financial assistance to the poor, needy and deserving students who are unable to afford quality education. The purpose of this scholarship scheme is to help students, with financial constraints, gain an education to achieve their goals. The selection of students applying for this scholarship will solely be merit-based followed by a written test and interview by the Dalda Officials.

LUMS NOP Scholarship

LUMS NOP Scholarship was launched back in 2011 with the motto of providing education to the most talented and deserving community of our country. Through this National Outreach Program, bright students from KPK and all over Pakistan are picked and selected for the scholarship. This program is open for students of Matriculation and intermediate with a maximum of 100% scholarship opportunities. LUMS NOP Scholarship program is one of the KPK Scholarship 2019 announced to the students of KPK and across Pakistan.

PEEF Special Quota Educational Scholarships

Under the PEEF Special Quota Educational Scholarships, 20 percent of the total scholarship program has been allocated to special students. The categories of special students are divided into four types. This includes orphans, children of government employees, children of minorities in Pakistan and Specially-abled students. For children of government employees, the employee could be either retired or currently a government servant.

All these scholarships can play a great part in making education accessible for the students in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Students must be aware of the requirements of the aforementioned scholarships and can easily avail of them.

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