Learning effectively is not intuitive or upright as people in general think. Some students are indulged in doing multiple chores that they unconsciously put a barrier in front of their true potentials. Getting into the routine of memorizing coursebooks has become obsolete. Opting for such outdated ways won’t give you promising results. For uplifting your study power, feed on the following strategies:

Underline important points

Underlining is the easiest and simplest study tip. Get used to highlighting the significant points of what you are reading. By performing the underlining activity, you will naturally engage yourself with the essential key factors of the content.

Make study notes

The main objective of taking notes is to compile and shorten lectures in your words making them convenient to remember. Summarizing content and then swallowing it down your throat is a sign of mere smartness.

Mind Mapping

A well-nurtured mind map saves hours of studying. It also consolidates your exam knowledge and skills. If you really strive to top the exam or class presentation then mind mapping is the best versatile tool.

Use Flashcards

Flashcards can be extremely beneficial especially when you try to incorporate various dates, vocabulary, facts, and formulas. Subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Maths, History and many other are made easier to digest if you add flashcards as a trend to your studies.


For making your learning fascinating and spellbinding, organize a Quiz program with your classmates and discover how far you people have gone for preparations. By doing this, you people will eventually learn the topics that have been overlooked or needs to be revised.

Mnemonics Rules

Abide by this mnemonics rule particularly for memorizing sets and lists. The rule basically associates some concepts with others that are similar to you.


This technique bypasses all other techniques and is fruitful for studying with classmates or friends. Your nerdy soul gets super active and the retrieval button distributes necessary information to all corners of the mind while brainstorming.

Organizing Study

Last but not the least; organize your study as there will be no chance of skipping any important topic. Create study timetable which enables you to achieve goals on time. It is considered a motivational study technique.

Adopting learning strategies place you in a web where you are bound to learn new subjects, topics and retain whatever you’ve grasped. Speculate your strengths and weaknesses and keep the above-mentioned strategies in mind for giving your learning power an energized buzz.


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