Hadaf Group of Colleges is an extended and remarkable project of Punjab Group of Colleges (The Largest  Educational System in Pakistan). It started its operation in Peshawar to spread the mission of quality education all over Pakistan. Like Punjab, it is producing outstanding results in KPK also and is busy cultivating significance of excellence in edification among its students. We equip our students not only with books and course materials but also with skills and expertise to succeed in world and accomplish superior distinction. Our significant number of students grow in knowledge, intelligence and education and leave school dreaming high and having high hopes of a brilliant and successful future. We are always delighted to be able to assist you achieving your distinguished achievements.

This is just the breakthrough, there is a lot more that requires your consideration; it is time to start laying the foundation of an amazing series of achievements, the profession that you have always dreamed of, the accomplishments you aspire. Look through the Hadaf website and find the prospects of college that await you and are there to speed up your coming goals. At Hadaf Group of Colleges we use the cutting-edge techniques of instruction. Students are facilitated with workshops, seminars, labs, field courses, tutorials, online learning and various other programs for perfection in all fields.

You have devoted a major part of your life studying and preparing for your matric class, which is the end of your school days the base of your future success. The time spent in attending school regularly and staying busy with home assignments is ending and a new journey towards deciding profession is waiting.  This is a new start, a milestone has passed and the continuation towards professionalism and expertise is about to start.

Matric Result 2018

Your schooling has been extensive and fruitful, we at Hadaf never stop facilitating our students in any way. Matric result is anticipated and many students are eager to celebrate their success. As the matric result 2018 of BISE is being announced we are assisting our students with the ease of seeing their result on Hadaf website which is just a click away. So, keep calm and simply open Hadaf website to view your result and celebrate.

We wish our students triumphant and a bright future. We have faith in you that you will keep the tradition of a remarkable result and delight us with your success.

We wish you all the best…!



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