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ICOM is a popular degree among the youth in Pakistan for the last decade. It is still valuable in 2023, with even more opportunities for advanced education. Therefore, as you are now looking to take admissions in intermediate 2023, this article will disclose why choosing ICOM is still a good choice if you have an interest lying there. Hadaf Colleges is clearing all your confusion here. 

Introduction to ICOM 

ICOM is an abbreviation of intermediate in commerce. It is equivalent to education to FA, FSC (pre-engineering, pre-medical), and ICS. Completing your ICOM completes 12 years of your formal education.  

ICOM develops the foundation of knowledge of business and commerce subjects. It prepares students to adapt to the exciting concepts, rules, and concepts of a variety of exciting subjects like accountancy and commerce.  

ICOM Course Curriculum  

The curriculum for ICOM is the same as that designed by the BISE Peshawar. Any changes that are made official are duly implemented by the Hadaf Colleges. To keep our students successful in board exams, vigilance and care are always taken in the course curriculum and syllabus content.  

ICOM Course Duration 

The duration of the ICOM degree is the same as the other intermediate disciplines of FSC, ICS, and FA, i-e, for a couple of years. You will study ICOM Part 1 and 2 separately. Similarly, the exams are conducted by BISE Peshawar for each year separately. 

Options for Future Studies 

After you complete your ICOM from Hadaf Colleges, there are numerous options to make a choice in the practical field. Some of them are listed below. A brief introduction to a few is also included below.  

Chartered Accountancy (CA) 

CA is an abbreviation for Chartered Accountancy. Being a prestigious degree globally, CA holds its own place and demand in the market on national and international levels. After you clear CA, you become a certified accountant. Therefore, you can get great offers from the market relating to the industry of your choice, as every firm needs an accountant. 

After intermediate (ICOM), you can go for the full-fledged program. The details of the eligibility after HSSC clearance (Complete 12 years of education according to the boards’ education) for chartered accountants in Pakistan can be seen on the website. 

Business Administration BBA 

Business Administration Hons (BBA Hons) is also available as BS Business Administration in some institutions. BBA Hons is a bachelor’s degree in business administration. After completing your ICOM, you can invest your other four years to complete this professional degree.  

Studying BBA develops certain business-related skills in students. There are many specialisations available in BBA Hons. Choose as per your preference.  

BS Business Economics 

BS Business Economics is another field you can take admission after you clear your intermediate in commerce. The degree focuses on the collaboration of business and economics together.  

BBA Insurance & Risk Management 

BBA Insurance and Risk Management is also available as BS insurance and risk management in various institutions in Pakistan. The degree is one of a kind ad opens opportunities in the insurance, bank, and investment sector.  

In comparison to the national sphere, the international market is more open, full of opportunities for graduates with this specialisation. Therefore, if you have an interest in flying abroad, you can opt for it.  

BS Public Administration 

Bachelor’s in public administration is also a highly demanded and opportunist degree after ICOM is cleared. You can get the knowledge and skills to manage public institutions. This degree is quite valuable for CCS also.  

Other degree options also include the ones mentioned in the list below. However, the opportunities do not limit here to advanced education after intermediate in commerce is complete with good grades.  

Options for education after BS Hadaf Colleges

Let’s discuss the benefits and advantages of studying ICOM at Hadaf Colleges Peshawar in 2023. These factors are widely responsible for making your learning experience great in many ways. Do decide for yourself. Just give us a read.  

Why are Hadaf Colleges the Best for ICOM? 

Hadaf Colleges- the hallmark project of the Punjab Group of Colleges offers various advantages and facilities to students in Peshawar. These are listed below.  

Quality Education 

Quality in education is the top priority at Hadaf Colleges. Our students perform very well every year. This tradition of success is continued in all the PGC sister institutions, including the Hadaf Colleges. By the grace of Allah, our students bag a number of top positions every year. We have highly qualified and experienced teachers attached to us to teach our students efficiently.   

State-of-the-art Campuses 

Campuses are the principal element in educational activities’ successful and peaceful continuity. The campuses are well-maintained, beautiful and spacious structures with well-installed light, water, and other utilities. Moreover, the campuses for boys and girls are separate, providing them with mind peace and a laser-sharp focus to carry on their studies.  

Power Backup Facility 

In addition, to the utilises, the Hadaf campuses are also equipped with operational power backups. It ensures an uninterrupted power supply to ensure the continuity of the flow of knowledge to our students with ease.  

Hostel Facility 

Hadaf Colleges also offer the facility for outstation students who are willing to study with us. 

Transport Options 

Moreover, Hadaf Colleges understands how difficult it could be for anyone with no transport available. Therefore, we offer transpiration to our students.  

Free Extra Coaching 

Furthermore, Hadaf Colleges offer free extra coaching facilitation if any student requires special teaching lectures.  

Rich Campus Life 

In addition to an adequate, busy and happy learning life. Hadaf Colleges work sharply to develop the talents among students. For the same purpose, the college offers a variety of extracurricular activities.  

E-Learning Tools 

We live in the most advanced technology era of all time. Therefore, Hadaf Colleges offer e-learning tools, inform of apps and portals to our students. Enabling them to carry on their education without any gap, in modern ways, just as they like.  


In many circumstances, financial assistance and appreciations are two major sources of motivation for studies. Hadaf Colleges hold the same tradition of merit scholarships and financial assistance for unfortunate events. Details are available here 

Teachers’ and Parents Correspondence 

In addition, to on-campus efforts. Parents are also kept in complete correspondence with the respected teachers of their children enrolled at Hadaf Colleges. This keeps parents connected and well aware of the performance of their children. 

Admissions 2023 are Open  

Hadaf Colleges are accepting applications for students who have cleared their matriculation and are looking for admissions in intermediate. ICOM, FSC, FA, and ICS are offered programs. Fill out the application form here.   





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