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Once you have completed your intermediate, the next stop in the journey of education is the professional level or advanced level of studies, often known as the bachelor or BS degree, obtained from the university or the approved and authorised colleges. Hadaf Colleges offers graduate-level courses in various fields. Let’s look forward to how BS Admissions 2023 is open at Hadaf Colleges.  

Earn BS Degree from Hadaf Colleges Peshawar 

Hadaf Colleges Peshawar are offering quality education at the professional BS level of studies. You can get enrolled in the degree you have cleared your intermediate in. The criteria requirements are the same as those settled by HEC.  The link to online BS admissions is available at the end of this article. 

However, the following programs are available at the Hadaf Colleges. 

  • BS CS 
  • BA 
  • BCOM 
  • BS Health Sciences 
  • BS English 

Let’s discuss these programs one by one in the disciplines below.  

BS Disciplines  

The following graduate programs are offered at the bachelor’s level at Hadaf Colleges.  

Bachelor’s of Computer Sciences  

Bachelor of Computer Science is a four-year programme, that comprehensively covers the basics of computer science to prepare a computer professional. With our well-crafted BSCS, students will be able for the following.  

  • As A Programmer, Artificial Intelligence Specialist, Software Developer, Mobile App Developer, And Data Scientist, You Can Compete For Positions In The Cutting-edge And Constantly Changing Digital Industries. 
  • To Meet The Complicated Requirements Of 21st-century Marketplaces, You Must Design, Develop, And Maintain Top-notch Software. 
  • Create Original And Inventive Problem-solving Strategies.  
  • Work Autonomously And With Assurance. 

Bachelor’s Sciences in Physics 

BS Physics is a two-year comprehensive programme for separate years as part I and part II. Students can also enrol next year once they have cleared their two-year BS in Physics. That taught them the basics and necessary skills to become a professional.  

Bachelor of Sciences in Chemistry 

BS Chemistry is an advanced, graduate scheme of studies in Chemistry. The curriculum and eligibility details are well-drafted. The program prepares an advanced level of knowledge and skills among students. The students can fulfil their dream to adapt to the field of chemistry as a professional career.  

Bachelor Science BS in Mathematics 

BS Mathematics is a two-year program, that offers a chance to gain a degree specialised in Mathematics. 

BS Stats 

BS Stats is similar to BS Mathematics. Duration and other subjects may remain the same. However, the specialisation is of statistics.  

Bachelor Sciences (B.S) in Botany 

Another program offered under a two-year bachelors is that of Botany. Students who are interested in life sciences can opt for botany for further studies.   

Bachelor of Sciences (BS) in  Zoology 

In addition to botany, BS in Zoology is also available for students who are looking for diverse animal sciences.  

BS Hons. English 

BS English is a four-year comprehensive program. It covers the essence of language and literature that the English language pertains to in its entire sense.  

Bachelor’s in Commerce B.COM 

BCOM is also a two-year degree that is designed for students who are interested in commerce.  

Advantages of Studying at Hadaf Colleges 

Studying these degrees at Hadaf Colleges is not just completing your education years. But defining a worth-remembering experience for a lifetime. You will have a number of benefits to taking BS Admissions in 2023 at Hadaf Colleges, Peshawar. Some are penned down in the text below.  

Quality Education 

Hadaf Colleges offers a high-quality education in all disciplines and classes. The punctual staff, regular classes and professionalism define our education system’s quality at Hadaf Colleges. After all, honesty, respect, tolerance and discipline are our core values.  

Trained and Qualified Faculty 

Hadaf Colleges are the hallmark project of the Punjab Group. The qualified, trained and well-learned teachers and faculty are the cornerstone of our sister institutions around the country. Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC), UCP, CUST, MAJU, Step Schools, and Allied Schools are the sister institutions of Hadaf Colleges Peshawar.   

Scholarship & Consessions

Merit-based and need-based financial assistance is the most prominent feature of Hadaf Colleges. We believe that no lack of money must hinder any student’s study. Therefore, Hadaf Colleges offer various and multiple scholarships and financial plans. You can watch out for them in details 

Separate Campuses 

Hadaf Colleges is an equal opportunity provider for both boys and girls. Education is also available for all students. Therefore, our girl students can also carry on their professional and advanced education at Hadaf Colleges. We have separate campuses designed and operational for boys and girls students.  

State-of-the-art Labs 

All our colleges have state-of-the-art campuses, well-equipped with the latest laboratories, and updated classrooms.  

Rich Bookshelves 

In addition to the labs and laboratories, the Hadaf Colleges have book-stocked libraries.  Students can get vast knowledge from this logical and literary world.  

Become a Part of the Largest Educational Network  

You can get a chance to study in the largest educational network in Pakistan. You can become a part of Hadaf Colleges BS Programs.  

Admissions 2023 Are Open 

The Hadaf Colleges open admissions for BS programs or graduate level. You can apply on the online portal and get started.  


BS Admissions 2023 is open at Hadaf Colleges. Apply today, and study at the best institution in Peshawar. This is going to be a wonderful learning experience at Hadaf Colleges Peshawar.  






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